Meet Anna

Anna Balkan’s uninhibited use of color and bold innovation come from a lifetime of seeing beyond limits and following the signs of her own journey.

Anna grew up in the Chernobyl area of the Ukraine, when the culture was grey and resourcefulness was a necessity. She learned to knit and crochet, making the things that were needed from what ever was on hand. The circumstance proved to be the perfect training ground for an inspirational designer.


During this time Anna developed her strong, playful connection to nature that inspires her designs. Her first creation was a pair of earrings, made for her mother at the age of five. Anna sculpted the piece from homemade clay and embellished with rhinestones repurposed from a dress. Her childhood cultivated a strength of spirit that fed her independence and taught her to see the possibilities beyond boundaries. This openness and independence is directly reflected in her jewelry designs.