aquamarine and butterfly wing necklace on lab
aquamarine and butterfly wing necklace
aquamarine and butterfly wing necklace view

Aquamarine and Butterfly Wing Pendant Style Necklace

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“And when a caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly”. 

Did you notice this beautiful natural bronze butterfly wing? I been reciting this quote for many years, and feel this lovely design with my last Carved Aquamarine in that shape is worth it. Colorful and balanced, very happy with the final result. It feels very much like a renewal, a new beginning kind of a palette 🎨 Colorful but still a bit understated, not fully vibrant hues yet, but with a hint. The top gem is my favorite! Carved warm honey Citrine, bringing rays of sunshine to the piece  

One of a kind. Length is 26-28 On micro faceted Mystic Labradorite gem chain  

If you looking for a set, I have these Elegant Aquamarine earrings witch a lot of movement and I can use all blue or similar to these colors gems and are a lovely complement as a set or, if you looking for an elegant blue earrings with Aquamarine - these could be worn solo as well. I have many options of layering or set ideas for each of these beauties as well. 

Aquamarine is a gem of calmness and clarity. It supports your throat chakra and helps express yourself to the world more clearly with less conflict. 

*Heals emotional trauma.

*Cools high temper and conflict.

*Relieves stress.

*Helps get in touch with suppressed emotions.

*Brings peace.

*Clears the mind.

*Calms the heart.

*Helps speak the truth.

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