carved aquamarine necklace
carved aquamarine necklace
carved aquamarine necklace
carved aquamarine necklace w earrings
carved aquamarine necklace w earrings

Carved Beauty Natural Aquamarine Gem Pendant Necklace

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This is a limited edition (I can only make 2) carved Aquamarine with Petal Pearl, Topaz, Spinel, Kyanite, Moonstone, Pearls and much 💗 and did you see the beautiful unusual carved top of the pendant? I custom designed that stone shape and where to drill it and carving in it. It’s Blue Spinel Quartz from Russia  

Drapes at 28” (adjustable by 2”). 

If you looking for a set, I have these Elegant Aquamarine earrings (sold separately) witch a lot of movement and I used same gems and are a lovely complement as a set or, if you looking for an elegant blue earrings with Aquamarine - these could be worn solo as well. I have many options of layering or set ideas for each of these beauties as well. 

Aquamarine is a gem of calmness and clarity. It supports your throat chakra and helps express yourself to the world more clearly with less conflict. 

*Heals emotional trauma.

*Cools high temper and conflict.

*Relieves stress.

*Helps get in touch with suppressed emotions.

*Brings peace.

*Clears the mind.

*Calms the heart.

*Helps speak the truth.

you can also order your very own Chakra Gift Set 

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