Moonstone and Larimar Shimmering Elegance Earrings

Moonstone and Larimar Shimmering Elegance Earrings

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I love creating balance of color and texture in my jewelry. You feel that when you wear the pieces and they make you experience that extra joy happy colors can create. 

I been searching for Larimar that has softness of color and smoothness with added luster, plus get it in exact size and shape for my designs. I was able to get a small sampling of this beautiful gem right before the closures, and am offering this unique soft blue gem as a limited edition. 

These earrings have been inspired by a larger one of a kind pair that is sold, but this is a great scale mid size version that would be a great length for almost everyone - right around 2”  Light, shimmering and elegant - this pair will make you smile. I just love how White Moonstone and Larimar play off each other’s softness and density, allowing all the colors in between shimmer and move  

Enjoy all the complements.