gypsy colorful gemstone earrings

One of a Kind Spring Inspired Gypsy Earrings

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I grew up in a small town in Ukraine and I remember every summer we had Gypsys come to town. In their vibrant boho clothing with mini golden coins chiming with every movement, with layered of colorful fabrics, with hair beaded wildly witch colorful ribbons and jewels ... they were singing and dancing, and brought with them the air of carnival and childhood mysteries. 

I look at these earrings and my memories get awokened, and I feel child like wonder and joy. 

May these beauties make you smile. They drape right around 2.5”, 14k gold filled coin is draped with mystic Moonstone in soft teal color. 

Featuring Topaz, Citrine, Pearls and many other sweet happy gemstones.