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Style Guide: Finding the Perfect Jewelry Set for V-Day

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February is the month of love, and with that comes gift giving. Choosing Christmas gifts for loved ones is so much easier than choosing Valentine’s Day gifts. Christmas shopping consists of seeing what your significant other needs/wants, like a new TV, a set of tools, clothes, gift cards, or an expensive bottle of your alcohol of choice. Traditionally, jewelry is the gift associated with Valentine’s Day. But how can any material thing represent or even attempt to quantify the amount of love you feel for your significant other? With Anna Balkan jewelry, you can get very close to that accurate representation of just how much you care for the love of your life.

Personally, as a stylist and a science guru, I see styling as both an art and a science simultaneously. I first analyze the qualities of the woman I’m helping to pick jewelry for; observing a picture, checking to see what other jewelry she’s purchased, considering her hair color, eye color, and skin tone. My creativity then has the chance to shine, pairing the perfect necklace with stunning earrings to create not only a gorgeous look, but also a lasting memory.

Here are some of my favorite sets for Valentine’s Day

Visit us in the Gallery today to start creating your perfect set, your lasting memory.

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