5 Steps To The Perfect Gift

They say that it’s the thought that counts, but the reality is that we also want to make sure that our gift is a perfect home run. But before you decide to whip out the checkbook or grab a gift card in the spirit of being safe, take a deep breath and a quick look at how simple it can be for you to choose a thoughtful gift that will really send the butterflies soaring.

1. GET INSPIRED  Before you jump into the world gift shopping, let's first to some research! There are so many options for jewelry shopping (even within the Anna Balkan brand). It can be overwhelming at times so it's best to have an idea of what direction you want to go in first. Pinterest is the best place to start! She most likely has a few Pinterest boards to show her style and personality. For Anna Balkan Jewelry exploration, our newly designed website has thousands of pieces to search through before step into our gallery. Each Anna Balkan Collection can also be viewed in our catalogs. 2. CHECK HER WISHLIST – ALWAYS. After you have inspiration, it's time to make your way to our Gallery. Seasoned Anna Balkan shoppers and novices alike often have a Wishlist prepared just to make your life easier! Now isn’t that thoughtful? Our cases are designed for clients to try on our jewelry to figure out what works for them and give them the ability to explore new styles and colors. Once clients choose their favs, we input those styles into our system for gift shoppers to have a glimpse into what they like! P.s. Why not make a Wishlist of your own while you’re here to help pay forward the favor ;)

3.BRING HER PICTURE. This is oftentimes the quickest way for our stylists to guide shoppers in the right direction. Anna Balkan Collections are designed to complement the unique coloring of a woman based on her hair color, eye color, skin complication. We can go a step further and pick pieces to match the shapes of her face and body type. 4. THINK ABOUT HER PERSONAL STYLE & OCCASION  Does she command a room with her stunning statement jewelry? Or does she prefer more clean lines and classic shapes? We have jewelry for every woman. Are you looking for something for her to wear on special occasions or an everyday piece? Often times with Anna Balkan Jewelry there are ways to achieve multiple looks with the same pieces, the secret is in learning to LAYER!                  

5.LAYER LAYER LAYER!  Whether her style is ultra-feminine, classic, minimalist, edgy or somewhere in between, there are layering elements that are always a safe bet and will showcase her unique style. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Rosary style Long necklaces
  • Zina Droplet style Necklace
  • Erica style Necklace
Now that we’ve covered gifting 101, remember, everyone here at Anna Balkan is a trained stylist and here to guide you to your perfect gift! There is no need to fret or feel overwhelmed – you got this. You CAN give her something that will dazzle her eyes as well as her heart. Happy gifting. XOXO Brooke

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