The Anna Balkan Jewelry Experience.

At the heart of my jewelry is my wish for you to be beautiful and be you.

When you find that right color combination of gems and metal that goes well with your complexion, it will go great with everything in your wardrobe simply because you are the common denominator. 

I invite you to experience the difference at Anna Balkan Jewelry.

Your skin, eyes, and hair are unique to you. 

Your jewelry should compliment your complexion.

Which season are you?


Hair: dark brown, black, red

 • Eyes: brown/blue/green/blue• Skin: cool olive undertonesOverall: High Contrast

I would recommend…

Metal: silver or blackened

Colors: blue, grey, red gems

Collections: Twilight, PopArt, Paris (silver)


Hair: light blond-med brown

Eyes: blue/hazel/lt brown 

Skin: warm undertones

 Overall: Low Contrast

I would recommend…

Metal: silver, gold (soft tones)

Colors: soft earth-tone gems

Collections: Geisha, Paris


Hair: cool tint blond/brown

Eyes: blue/grey/cool green

Skin: cool olive undertonesOverall: Low Contrast

I would recommend…

Metal: silver or blackened

Colors: soft cool jewel tones,

Collections: Bohemian, PopArt


Hair: med/dark brown, red

Eyes: hazel, brown, warm blue or green 

Skin: golden undertones

 Overall: Medium Contrast

I would recommend…

Metal: gold, silver, blackened

Colors: red, blue, peach,

Collections: Russia, Paris,

Handmade jewelry designed with you in mind.

If you are looking for an authentic jewelry shopping experience that is unlike anything you’ve seen before, you must visit our shop in The Heart of Norcross.

And if you are looking for a place to find a large selection of styles and colors of unique handmade with love jewelry, you absolutely must visit our Anna Balkan Designer Jewelry Gallery.

From the moment you walk through the door you can’t help but smile as you’re greeted both by a rainbow of colorful cases filled with wearable works of art, as well as by our enthusiastic seasoned stylists who are available to guide you in creating a look that is uniquely you. 

How It Works

1. Discover Your Perfect Colors

We help you understand how your individual complexion colors work with specific jewelry color combinations and metal finishes.

2. Find Your Unique Style

With our diverse selection of shapes, styles and lengths to choose from, we help you narrow down your perfect choices that you would enjoy wearing.

3. Explore Your Best Jewelry Options

We have a large selection of best options for you and our helpful stylists will work with you on creating your very own styled looks you would love to wear.

Live near Atlanta?

Come by our store located in Historic Norcross for a personal consultation.

As you enter our Gallery, you will be greeted by our smiling stylist. But don’t be alarmed, this is not your typical jewelry sales associate, think of it as shopping with your most fashionable friend and a fun knowledgeable tour guide. We are here to make you have an enjoyable experience worth sharing with your friends. “Be Beautiful. Be You.” Is not just our slogan, it’s a way we approach each and every jewelry selection. Everyone who works in the Gallery is a talented and trained stylist, each with her own valuable perspective! Together we will explore the world of Anna Balkan jewelry and you will fall in-love with your perfect pieces.

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