A Tale of Colorful Connections: Custom Bridal Jewelry for a Special Family

Once upon a time, a lady named Brooke fell in love with colorful jewelry she discovered during a vacation. Over the years, she collected more and more pieces from various trips. One day, her partner surprised her by bringing her to a store not far from their home in Atlanta, a store owned by none other than the designer of her cherished jewelry pieces—me, Anna Balkan.

Brooke was ecstatic to realize she no longer had to wait for vacations to purchase her favorite jewelry. She became a frequent visitor to my store, attending events and eventually becoming a close friend.

During one of our fundraising events for Mosaic Georgia, a nonprofit organization, Brooke met their CEO. This serendipitous encounter led to her daughter, Kendall, applying for an open position at the organization and moving from New Orleans to Atlanta. Kendall quickly became a regular at Anna Balkan Jewelry and, like her mother, a close friend.

One memorable day, Kendall bought a necklace to wear on her first date with a gentleman she met online. Fast forward a few months to our Valentine's event, where Kendall announced during a game of "Two Truths and a Lie" that she had just gotten engaged that very morning!

With the wedding approaching, we had the privilege of creating custom jewelry for Kendall, her stepdaughter, and her mother Brooke. Kendall's fiancé, an avid golfer, planned to wear an elegant sage green suit. Her stepdaughter would wear a yellow dress. Kendall wanted her bridal jewelry to reflect these personal touches and family connections.

For Kendall, I designed a necklace incorporating the colors and memories of her loved ones, including the presence of a special family member who had passed away but remained close in spirit. I surprised her with a matching pair of earrings, which she saw for the first time just before the wedding.

Her stepdaughter picked out colors she loved for her necklace, which included yellow citrine to complement her dress and represent the entire family's unity. And to reflect Matt's love of golfing and his green suit - I added green into Kendall's jewelry.

The wedding venue turned out to be just five minutes from my house. It was a joy to host the bridal prep at my home, witnessing the excitement and emotions as Kendall received her jewelry. Watching her reaction and the tears of joy was an unforgettable moment, highlighting how our lives had become beautifully intertwined.

Brooke and Kendall have been friends and customers for over ten years now, and I am thrilled to see what the future holds for all of us. Jewelry goes beyond mere design; it weaves a magical tapestry of connections and stories that enrich our lives.

Thank you for reading and sharing in this special journey with us.

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