Client Spotlight Jessica Tran - a woman whose dramatic everyday style matches her strong inner voice

Sometimes you come across someone who exudes a special confidence within themselves even through their personal style. She can even inspire you to find that same confidence within yourself. For us personally, this has been the case after meeting Jessica Tran, a local therapist and long-time client of Anna Balkan Jewelry. Recently we spent some time getting to know Jessica a bit better and she shared her amazing journey as a woman who found her voice and how she expresses it through her style. Enjoy this refreshing glimpse into the life of Jessica Tran as we celebrate our second Client Spotlight by Brooke Miller :) Brooke: How would you describe your personal style? Jessica: Classic with a touch of whimsical. I love having one statement piece that stands out, typically in my jewelry or shoes. Anna Balkan Adjustable Lariat with Green Color GemsAnna Balkan Gemstone Bangle Bracelet B: Did you always have an eye for fashion, or was it more of a gradual journey for you? J: My fashion reflects a lot of the messages I’ve received from my dad about women’s fashion. He designs outfits for women in my country, Bangladesh. Although he worked in women’s fashion, self expression of style was different in the culture- it was very traditional. The more creative way I express myself now  is not something that  I was allowed to do when I was still living in the home.  I’ve seen my sense of fashion and my personal style flourish as my journey through adulthood and motherhood ensued. B: What do you enjoy most about expressing yourself through your style and jewelry? J: I like the look on people’s faces. When they comment on something I put together, my jewelry I have from Anna Balkan, or my flamboyant shoes haha. They say, “I would never have picked that, but it looks great”. I enjoy what it says about me. My close friend once said "I wish I had the confidence to wear what you do and feel so happy doing it". This confidence to express myself and have the outside match who I am on the inside is a recent development maybe in the past 4 years. As with any major shift or change, if you look at any psychological explanation, you'll see it's because a person has reached a critical moment in their life. At this point something just needs to be different. That moment came for me 4 years ago. My life did not reflect my core values nor did it reflect what I had imagined my life would look like at that point. Marriage, motherhood, and my career were my only focuses at that the time. I had lost touch with who I was and what made me, me. And that's when I decided that only I could control the course of my narrative, so that's when my transformation began. B: Why do you think having your own style perspective is valuable in your everyday life? J: Its very, very important to me. So, I actually dress like this when I go to work. [Jessica is wearing a stunning short white dress with a dramatic neckline accessorized with her favorite one-of-a-kind Smokey quartz Anna Balkan Necklace and nude Christian Louboutin wrap stilettos - drool!] My look can be seen as elaborate because I’m a therapist. You would think that therapists usually wear slacks, a cardigan, and some flats or something similar.  My style is the complete opposite of traditional therapists and my clients seem to love it! And I love it! I love going to work dressed like the day matters, because it does to me. I go to work as if I am going to an important event because I see my work as something very important and it’s my absolute passion. Also it helps that I own my own practice so I can dress as fun and whimsical as I wish! B: That’s awesome because I know we have a lot of women that come in and who say, “Oh this is beautiful, but I don’t know when I’d ever wear it. What is your advice to them? J: Wear it- make it happen! B: What do you love about your Anna Balkan pieces? J:  I’ve been coming here for years. I love how creative she is with her designs. Even the piece I have on right now, it's classic and yet unlike anything else I've seen. Also, knowing that it was handmade. There is not another just like it. It may be similar in style or design but the stones will always be different. I love knowing I have a piece of her and her passion with me and I am able to share her passion through my personal style.  Thank you Jessica for sharing your story of rediscovering what makes you unique and how your authentic style has been a reminder of what is truly important to you. Jessica, you are beautiful inside and out and it was a pleasure getting to know you and being inspired by your unique story. <3 Brooke Favorite Anna Balkan Piece: Definitely my Whiskey Quartz Statement Necklace. It always starts a conversation any time I wear it. Now I know that it was inspired by another necklace Anna made for herself and that adds to my excitement and experience with her as an artist. Favorite Place To Eat In Norcross: Mojitos – They know me there! Seasonal Style: Soft Autumn Hobbies: Professional salsa dancing, playing the cello, and writing a self help book. Go-To Drink: Anything fruity and super sweet – preferably with sugar on the rim!

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