Gem of the Month: Amethyst

Hi all you #BeautifulAndCapable! Today is all about that Amethyst, so my February babies this one is for you! This blog holds a special place in my heart considering I myself am celebrating my birthday this month. Now ladies, fasten your seat belts and hold on tight while we take a ride on Amethyst Avenue! 

Amethyst is one of those gemstones that just makes your creativity flow. As soon as you look at its beauty, you want to run to the nearest craft store and just start creating! It connects you to your mind and helps aid your thought processes and intuition. 

A purple Amethyst is meant to encourage a calm mind and clarity with confusion. It is one gemstone that is meant to help with improving intellectual and cerebral thought. Even the best of us experience what I like to call a "brain fog," but Amethyst can help you keep a cool and clear head. This amazing gemstone is also known as a stress reliever and, let’s be real, we all could use some of that right about now! Along with it being a stress reliever, it helps detoxify your body. This ties into the literal meaning of Amethyst, which is “not intoxicated” - derived from the Greek word “ametusthos”. 

The color purple itself has been known to have many meanings. It is known to make you feel creative while also adding a touch of mysteriousness to you. Since the Byzantine Empire in the 15th century, purple has been used to represent royalty and wealth. This is because back then it was so hard to come by this astounding color that only wealthy rulers were able to afford purple dyes. To me, that makes this gemstone that much more irresistible because who doesn’t want to feel royal?! 

Stand out like the queen you are in your purple iridescence!

Now let’s talk Chakras! The color purple is associated with your Crown Chakra, the seventh and last of them all, right at the top point of you head. When embracing your Crown Chakra, you have a feeling of “I understand”. It brings a spiritual fulfillment to you that grounds you to what is going on around you. It represents your consciousness and knowledge, which could not tie in with Amethyst more! 

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