Jewelry- Are you Wearing IT, or is it Wearing YOU?

Your styling experience is about to get easier – a lot easier. Did you know by wearing your best colors in a necklace and earrings you can visually correct less-than-perfect color choices in your clothes? It’s true. A few well-chosen, handcrafted pieces of jewelry can create the illusion of a vast wardrobe, rich in style and personality. This adds that touch of you to even the most basic clothing.

Your jewelry is the closest thing to your face. Our eyes perceive repetition as beautiful. By duplicating your facial features with the elements of your jewelry, you can draw the attention to your face rather than to what you are wearing. People will see how beautiful you are first, and how lovely your accessories are second.

Identify your shapes and colors

1. Choose your best possible color palette corresponding to your Seasonal Coloring based on your hair color, skin complication, and eye color (More on this in an upcoming blog)





2. Choose sizes and shapes that mimic the ones in your face: If you have a prominent cupids bow and full lips heart shapes will look great on you… If you have an oval-shaped face so ovals would be flattering on you… The circles on the iris of my eyes are visible, so I tend to love circular pieces on me. 

3. Take an average of the size of your eyes, mouth, and nose: Use that as your guideline for sizing your jewelry and its elements. If you have large features but wear tiny jewelry, it won’t do much for you- and vice versa. I have medium eyes, a big nose, and small lips, so that equates me with a true medium.

Christina Rene Hendricks


Season: Spring

Prominent Face Shape: Hearts

 Feature Sizes: Large



  • Large Statement Earrings- Peridot Qz $168
  • Large Asymmetrical Bubbles Necklace- Ruby Qz $288
  • 10mm Bezeled Necklace with Teardrops- Peridot Qz $108

Juliette Binoche


 Season: Fall

Prominent Face Shape: Square/Diamond   

 Feature Sizes: Small-Medium      


  • Regina Necklace- London Blue Topaz $378
  • Cluster Gemstone Earrings- Garnet $78

Kate Middleton


Season: Summer

Prominent Face Shape: Ovals

Feature Sizes: Medium 


  • Erika Gemstone Necklace $78
  • Cluster Hoop Earrings $88

Lucy Liu

      Season: Winter

                                                              Prominent Face Shape: Almond Shapes

                                                              Feature Sizes: Small        



  • Shepard's Hook Bracelet-Ruby Quartz $168
  • Open Lotus Gems Necklace  $158
  • Stick Earrings-Green Amethyst $48
Sidenote, avoid being critical of yourself here ladies- you know you’re beautiful! It takes a little practice, but you can train your eye to see sizes and shapes in your face similar to an artist attempting to sketch your portrait. Don’t overly worry about trying to match your jewelry to your clothes, concentrate instead on matching it to your face. Practice, follow your instincts, and have a great time! Bottom line: Put a little extra thought into your jewelry choices and it will diversify your wardrobe possibilities, and leave you feeling (and looking) like you can conquer the world. Xoxo, Brooke

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