Styling Your Ever-Changing Identity

Meet Hannah, our college student who has mastered styling your jewelry for every occasion! Find out more about Hannah’s style and why identity is so important for finding your perfect jewelry. photo1-hannah photo2-hannah Identity.

It’s something we all have that encompasses not only how others see us, but also how we see ourselves. It’s a customization of all of our individual characteristics and unique thoughts and interests – we desire so much to set ourselves apart from each other, to stand out, to be different, and identity is one of the most important media we use to do this. Identities aren’t just created and then solidified forever; our identities are malleable, pliable, and they change as we grow and learn more about ourselves. The interesting thing about identities is that we have the power to change them into whatever we want; we pick and choose what we want people to see in us. As a result, our individual styles and tastes are direct reflections of our identities.

My name is Hannah, and my identity is multidimensional. I’m a college student currently working towards a double degree in chemistry and psychology, and I plan to go to medical school after I graduate. I’m a writer, coffee addict, award-winning cat mom, and of course – an Anna Balkan stylist! The beauty of having such a multitude of interests and personality traits is that there is literally an Anna Balkan piece for every single part of me. Whether I’m shadowing doctors at a hospital, heading to class, or going out with my friends, I never fail to find a piece of Anna’s that works perfectly. Check out my personal Anna Balkan collection in the pictures below!






Just like me, each woman who walks in the door of Anna Balkan has a unique identity. She has her own beautiful story to tell. She’s multidimensional. As a stylist, nothing brings me more joy than helping a woman find jewelry that reflects not only her personal style, but also her true self… her innermost beauty. So I’m really excited to share my style tips and lifestyle with you!

I’ll be blogging about a variety of topics, including style for college-age women and women in their twenties, professional style in the workplace, self-care and health, the “millennial” stereotype, and characteristics of the classy, confident, empowered young woman of today. You can keep up with me here, and follow me on Instagram @_hhoskin.

Be beautiful, be you, ladies!

XOXO, Hannah

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