Summer of Style: Autumn Archetypes

Russia Collection Chalcedony Anna Balkan

Hi #BeautifulAndCapable, in this blog series, we'll be we'll be sharing styling tips, taking a deeper look at color, breaking down the Seasons & Archetypes! 

Today, we're taking a deeper look at the SPRING complexion archetypes!

Each season has 6 style archetypes, so for the next couple of months we'll take a look at each one.

Our friend, the amazing David Zyla, has broken this down so beautifully - making it easy to find & build your signature style!

Not sure where you fall? Start with grabbing a copy of the Color Your Style book and a scheduling a styling session with Anna in our store! Bring your favorite outfit, or a photo and we have colors and styles to play with!

The Sensuous Backpacker! Our adventurers. These ladies have the most blended look of all the types.

She looks great in patterned velvet, leather & brushed denim. Her color pallette looks like a spice cabinet full of saffron, ginger, cayenne & olive - colors that may look drab on others but really shine on her. She should play with textures (like mixed shapes/textures jewelry or angora sweaters) to bring her simple lines to life.

The Sexy Librarians are problem solvers in statement jewelry! Never cluttered, these gals are sophisticated in their minimalism. You won't find severe prints with high contrast in her closet.

Her go-to style is a little bookish, but don't mistake the simplicity of her outfit for a simple mind. She is the least vain of all the archetypes, but is full of confidence. She looks her best in a suede trench coat & tweed trousers.

The Stylish Beatnik is just that - the picture style with a fun & funky flair. When we think of the Gamine Autumn, there is no better poster child than Carrie Bradshaw!

She stays away from anything "ordinary" or classic because it's just too boring for her. Color, texture, pattern & accessories - it's all you'll see in her closet. Her signature style is iconic & is likely built around a unique conversation piece.

The High Stakes Gambler is the woman who is up-front about what she wants and doesn't stop until she gets it! She's powerful & dramatic in a way people respond to.

Feisty, passionate & daring, she needs clothes that allow her to stride through life while looking as though she can well afford to be at the high stakes table. Metallics look great on her for day AND evening and so do more masculine prints & trousers. She should stay FAR away from royal blue, red orange & polo shirts.

"I am fabulous - and so are you!" is the Divine Diva's motto! She makes the mundane seem fabulous and is noticed in every room she walks in to.

She is at her best when she's in high contrast outfits to match her dramatic coloring. She'll often reach for large & exotic earrings, faux-fur collars and plunging necklines. The drama in her nature is reflected in her clothing, but it's a luxe drama that does not seem to try hard to grab attention. Her clothing is grand & well chosen but never upstages her natural beauty.

Our last Autumn lady is the Passionate Impresario. She believes that "life is a banquet" and has the high energy & enthusiasm to match!

Oranges & greens with lots of saturation & contrast look perfect on her but she should stay far away from anything that seems too conventional. She lives life on her own terms & should dress accordingly. She plays with textures beautifully & has a closet of gentle patterns that show off her flamboyance!

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