Summer of Style: Spring Archetypes

Russia Collection Chalcedony Anna Balkan

Hi #BeautifulAndCapable, in this blog series, we'll be we'll be sharing styling tips, taking a deeper look at color, breaking down the Seasons & Archetypes! 

Today, we're taking a deeper look at the SPRING complexion archetypes!

Each season has 6 style archetypes, so for the next couple of months we'll take a look at each one.

Our friend, the amazing David Zyla, has broken this down so beautifully - making it easy to find & build your signature style!

Not sure where you fall? Start with grabbing a copy of the Color Your Style book and a scheduling a styling session with Anna in our store! Bring your favorite outfit, or a photo and we have colors and styles to play with!

Who is a spring?

Those with SPRING coloring possess warm skin with undertones of apricot, peach and golden caramel. Their hair is also clearly pigmented with tints of warm gold, hay, red, butterscotch, and warm brown. The best colors for them are warm & clear with high saturation.

Springs look best in shining yellow golds, rose golds, and some very bright coppers. Gemstones that flatter them best & make them shine are Emerald, Peridot, Chalcedony, Topaz, and Pink or Yellow Tourmalines.

The Prom Queen! These ladies are charming & the world's greatest hostesses. They thrive in high-contrast primary colors, inspired by the works of Matisse. There's nothing more "vital" for these ladies than a classic Chanel bouclé jacket and other crisp & refined silhouettes. They love adding a conversation piece to each outfit: like a statement earring or charm bracelet.

Vital Springs should avoid anything too oversized or masculine - they are their best selves when they keep their playful femininity!

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The Playful Princess is the personification of an Impressionist painting - looking their best in cool saturated pastels with light contrast. Small delicate patterns serve them well, taking inspiration from Monet's The Water Lilies. Crisp cotton & cashmere are the fabrics they should live in. If you look most at-home in a Nancy Meyers movie set, you may be an Early Spring!

Like the Vital Spring, these ladies should stay away from pieces that are too masculine - they're ladylike & propriety are their strength.

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 Like a daffodil or tulip, the Wholesome Flirt is the picture of femininity. Charm & genuineness is what keeps people coming back to her. She does best in outfits with crisp contrast. She leans in to scents that are sweet and floral - definitely holding tight to her favorite strawberry lip balm.

Her closet is full of romantic pieces, like A-line skirts, but are elevated with her playful accessories. Needless to say, camo is not on the shopping list for her as she leans in more toward eyelet & gabardine.

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The Life of the Party! Like the Vital Spring, these ladies do well with high contrast primary colors. Stretch satin, organza and linen fill their closets & their signature scent is sporty and fresh, likely drawn to eucalyptus. Waist-accentuating looks were made for the Life of the Party because her mission is to savor life to the fullest, so she needs her wardrobe to reflect that.

Not in her wardrobe is anything TOO formal or stuffy as is will "cramp her style." Give her a simple look with sandals & jewels and she's good to go!

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"Everything I really want eventually comes to me" is The Pixie's motto! She can handle more contrast than most other Springs & her style is a little more "funky" in the best way! There are few things she loves more in her closet than metallic & bright colored bags, earrings & mismatched bracelets. The more original the piece, the better! She can rock a miniskirt and skinny pants like no other - anything too oversized can overwhelm her.

She is the kind of woman who can show up at a party looking stunning, even though she just bought the dress that morning. She's ready to share her sense of fun with those around her!

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Our last Spring lady is The Maverick - another Impressionist-inspired beauty. She puts together looks in a way that no one else could. There's a vintage air to her, but she modernizes her wardrobe in a way that's all her own. She is eclectic, so she probably smells like a mix of citrus & spice - nothing floral or powdery for her!

She is her own trendsetter, so you won't see her in anything too matchy-matchy. If it feels like a uniform, she doesn't want it. Minimalism holds her back, so you'll see her accessorized to the nines!

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