Tackling New Year's Resolutions, THE RIGHT WAY!

Every year, after the excitement of Christmas has passed and we ring in another New Year, everyone comes up with their ambitious New Year’s Resolutions. “I’m going to lose weight!” “I’m going to eat healthier!” “I’m going to go to the gym five days a week!” But how many people actually follow through and achieve the resolution goals they set for themselves? This year, I decided to do something different. Instead of listing a bunch of vague, difficult goals, I decided to separate my goals into two categories: official and unofficial. My official goals would consist of simple changes that would be easy to follow through on. My unofficial goals would consist of the lifestyle changes everyone wants to make each year: eating healthier, going to the gym more, and waking up/going to bed earlier. But instead of trying to carve out time into my already hectic schedule, I decided to design my school and work schedule this semester with these goals in mind. I built blocks of downtime for the gym into my schedule twice a week, when I know I’ll be most awake and looking for something to do. I scheduled all of my classes to start at 8am, so I’ll be waking up early each day. I can go to the dining hall for dinner so I’ll have easy access to healthy food twice a week, as opposed to having veggies rotting in my fridge at home like last semester (ugh, I hate cooking). You have to know yourself and know your habits. I think I’ll have great success in both my official resolutions and my unofficial ones this year, since I’ve designed things in a way I know I can handle. As a stylist, I love being able to give 100% to all of my clients when they come in to shop for new pieces. My schedule for this year will ensure that I’ll be rested and ready to style each and every time I step foot in the Gallery, and that’s the best feeling in the world. As 2017 begins, take a few minutes to sit down and really think about your resolutions, if you have any. Try and figure out what will work best for you as opposed to just saying, “I’m going to do this and this and this.” When you figure out what helps you succeed, you’ll fulfill your goals, and that’s the best feeling!

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