The Anna Balkan Designer Jewelry Gallery Experience

Anna Balkan Designer Jewelry Gallery in Norcross, Georgia, is the only gallery in the world that has one special feature. What is that feature, you ask?… Our intimate styling experience based on your unique coloring with stylists right at your service. From the moment you walk in our Gallery you are greeted by the legendary AB Playlist of unique music, gorgeous jewelry, and your own personal jewelry stylist. Also each of the Anna Balkan Jewelry collections are designed with color schemes that match perfectly with the different seasons of women. Russia Gold- Autumn Geisha Silver & Blue Ice Twilight- Spring Geisha Gold, Geisha Silver, & Twilight- Summer Russia Silver & Pop Art – Winter Educating, styling, and a dash of girl talk is how we would describe the shopping experience in our Gallery. It is important for our clients to feel welcome and comfortable. Imagine a girls’ trip to your favorite store with your most stylish friend, that is the essence we capture with our clients. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us! Each stylist is specially training by Anna to style any and every woman that visits our gallery. Whether you are a seasoned fashionista or a woman with little style knowledge, there is much to learn about jewelry styling. From matching colors for your unique coloring to learning the art of layering, we’ve got you covered! Our goal is to not only pair you with gorgeous jewelry that you love but to also educate you with tips and tricks to better understand WHY the jewelry works for you. Just the other day in our Gallery we had a soon-to-be bride visit who had no clue what jewelry to match her gown and theme of her wedding. She was looking for something non-traditional and potentially something she could wear after her wedding. Our stylists Brooke and Chanel teamed up to help the bride match layered looks for the neckline of her wedding gown while choosing pieces from the Russia Silver Collection that would marry perfectly with her eyes and hair color. This technique that is just one way we focus on listening to the clients needs and create a learning environment. What styles and colors work for me? Can I pull this off? What would I wear with this? When the heck would I wear this? These are all questions we have while shopping, yes you too! Our is focus to guide you to the answers of these questions while shopping for jewelry. This leads to confident shopping decision. The worst thing is to buy on impulse, hate your pieces when you get home, and ultimately want to exchange them. …AND we are so grateful for our amazing clients. Whether you are a first time shopper or a regular, everyone is important to us! Jewelry shopping can be such an intimate experience and we would love to share that experience with you 🙂 Visit our gallery to see what’s all the rave is about! Gallery Hours: Monday- Thursday 11a-6p Friday & Saturday 10a-9p Sunday 12p-3p (Seasonal Hours)

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