Gemstone of the Week: Aqua Chalcedony

Russia Collection Chalcedony Anna Balkan

Hi #BeautifulAndCapable, in this new blog series I will be discussing the meaning of each gemstone that I use in my jewelry designs. Each gemstone has a unique energy and healing properties, not to mention it's very own color and texture, and each is used with a specific purpose in mind. Every week I will dedicate one blog to a certain gemstone so you can understand and appreciate the power of the jewelry you hold. 

For today's blog post I wanted to start with my favorite blue - Aqua Chalcedony

Why Do I Love Aqua CHALCEDONY?

The first time I saw Aqua Chalcedony, was the very first time I ever been to a gem show. 

I was mesmerized, drown to it like a moth to a flame! I am not kidding! My love for this gem was instant and it has not wavered in all the years I been designing jewelry.

There is some magic to the opacity and color, so perfectly soft and so perfectly unique, that no other gem can replace that exact blue. As I love creating textures and shapes, having this blue in most of my designs, adds a dimension that is unique. People always gravitate to this gem, at least to see it and touch it. 

There is magic in this gem and I hope you get to experience it for yourself! 

A bit of history: The name of this stone is said to come from the Greek port city of Chalcedon. Chalcedony can be found in Brazil, Namibia, Madagascar, India, and some parts of the United States. In ancient times this gemstone would be carved with motifs of the air, water gods, and water sprites. Chalcedony is one of the many members of the Quartz family with a unique structure that is perfect for magnifying its crystal energy to soothe and balance. 

Chalcedony Stones

Color: Chalcedony can be found in almost every color white, gray, black, brown, brownish red, orange, yellow, light to dark green, blue, lavender or, in the case of agates and jaspers, combinations of those colors. 

It seems people love and ask for Aqua Chalcedony color, for it's resemblance to sea glass and it's milky soft aqua color and opaque look. 

And I am right there with them! 

Energy: A protector gem, this stone consumes the negative energy that resides in one's body, the negative energy dissipates so that the energy doesn't move to someone else. Chalcedony has the power to align the mind, body, and spirit. This stone also sends feelings of generosity and kindness to you. Chalcedony removes self-doubt and builds self-confidence, and is a great aid for your Throat Chakra work.

To become more open and more of an enthusiastic person it is suggested that you use this stone during meditation.

Chalcedony has the power to soothe self-doubt and bring inner peace to the wearer. It is believed that blue chalcedony helps in calming and centering the emotional energy, while encouraging the wearer to acquire tranquility. 


Healing: This gem is best for people who have a propensity to get worried easily. Chalcedony can be an amazing gemstone that helps in treating problems related to neck, tonsils, and vocal cords. With the power to treat chronic hoarseness and inflammation of the throat, chalcedony proves to be a powerful physical healer. 

Being the stone of communication, Chalcedony is believed to help stimulate the Throat chakra. It is known that Throat Chakra is the vocal of the body and it also allows the energy of other chakras to be expressed actively. Additionally, it is considered that chalcedony allows the wearer to communicate their ideas, beliefs and emotions from an open heart. I also offer Chakra gift boxes which also includes the throat chakra.

Chalcedony Ray Branch Necklace

Care: Most Chalcedony you will see and like is color treated, so it is best to avoid 

excessive exposure to sun and water to prevent any discoloration. I notice white powder or wetness expressed on a surface or from drilled area in Aqua Chalcedony gems, not always, but sometimes. Same gem supplier, same raw material, but now and then you see it. If you see it on your pieces - simply wipe it off with soft cloth or napkin. 

If you do not regularly wipe your gem, you may start noticing that some metals will discolor from close contact to the exposed powder. I only see it occur with color treated Aqua Chalcedony, and not as much on Turkish Lavender color (its natural coloring). 

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