Hi #BeautifulAndCapable! In this short video, David and I both share our thoughts about "spring cleaning" and letting go of clothing and accessories that a) no longer give us joy, b) no longer represent us, c) have no sentimental or other attachments, and are just there because they were on sale or who even remembers why they are there! We holding on to things and they clutter not just our closets and our accessories drawers, but our energy and they represent our state of being. 

No wonder the term cleaning is combined with the word Spring! It is all about the renewal and rejoicing! I talk more about energies as it relates to Chakras and Color in my 7 Chakras Blog if you are looking to expand your colors, plus I am always a visit or a call away from providing some one-on-one help with your very own renewal.

So why is it, when it comes to jewelry, we feel a lot more attachments and more fear to "let it go", as we would a top you no longer wear. Either it's in fashion, or ever worn, or slightly worn-out - we hold on to all our jewelry and convince ourselves, "I have too much jewelry and don't need anymore". But just like with a closet full of clothing and nothing to wear, one should address their jewelry wardrobe from that exact same place: Does it bring me joy? Have I worn it within last year? Does it still represent my taste? Why am I holding on to it? 

Let's face it, much of our jewelry is an emotional, impulse buy, maybe at that beach shop on my vacation years ago, or it was on sale. But when we look at our vast collection of accessories, we should be able to be honest with ourselves and separate the pieces into 3 categories: 

1. Love it and wear it or Love it and will wear it now that's how I see it!!! (let's bring life into your favorite pieces by creating a few fun pairing options with them and that little update maybe all you need)

2. I think I will wear it, it's a bit not me but I think I might... Ok, I give you that one as well. As a jewelry stylist, I'd be happy to help you go through these "maybe" pieces and help either bring life into them by new pairings/layering options or colors to wear with them with. BUT you got to promise to keep it all in a separate box and if you wear any of the pieces from that box within 6 months of putting it there - take it out and move it to  box 1. 

3. Pieces that feel like trinkets and, although maybe sentimental as a gift from an old boyfriend, if you do not smile and want to put it on when looking through these pieces - let it go!!! How? Not everything should be sold and profited from, just look at these pieces as a donation. Invite your friends over and let them browse through the pieces and pick what they want, offer them to your kids (I did it with many of my pieces and you'd be surprised how they can just style it and make it work! My 16 y/o is a master!). 

Let it go and set it free, like as a donation to the salvation army, or put it in a thrush...scary to even imagine that, right? 

Next steps for letting go of your jewelry:

1. Donate to a charity or Salvation Army, let them have a second life and possibly be loved again;

2. Party with friends to trade (wine will add more fun to this party!) - I will be hosting a few of these events at my store, stay tuned! And subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Facebook to learn about upcoming trade parties.

3. Offer to your children.

Wait! But what about sentimental piece from past generations that you inherited, or pieces you collected as a child and don't want to let go, or maybe these are pieces your kids made you... sentimental pieces belong in our lives and although they may not be worn much (or ever), how about creating a piece of art with them?! One of my friend's is a creative artist and she purchase a piece of square plywood and stained it, then with a handy glue-gun, she created a work of art combining beads and jewels, weaving chains and adding fabric where needed. I have seen easy to use shadowboxes, all you would need is a hot glue gun and your imagination!

In closing, I would love to remind you that you are beautiful and ever changing, just like water in the river is never the same. Let your choices of wardrobe and accessories, especially jewelry that is close to your face, represent you as you are now and bring joy to your life!

Here is an original idea from my friend, a talented artist and jewelry designer, Danya from Metal Monk Jewelry. She uses beads, but you can use entire pieces to create unique artful collages! Be brave and trust your creativity!

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