Perfectly Styled Blue Gems Layered Set with Topaz
Blue Topaz Everyday Style Simple Classic Eve Earrings
Perfectly Styled Blue Gems Layered Necklaces Set with Topaz
Must Have Topaz Everyday Style Necklace
Topaz Earrings and Coordinating Everyday Style Topaz Necklace in Silver

Perfectly Styled Blue Topaz Elegant Jewelry Set

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If you love blue, this is a great set for you to consider. Creating a beautifully styled look should be easy with these classic pieces.

From everyday casual look, to a perfectly styled tiered layered look, these pieces are a must have addition to your wardrobe. 

Each pieces can be worn by itself or combined into a set. Each necklace has 2" adjustable extender to allow your drape each piece from 16" to 18". Featuring in this set:

1. Zina Classic Necklace with London Blue Topaz on sterling silver

2. Mini Katie tri-gem layering necklace with Topaz gems on Pearl Rosary

3. Classic and perfect for Everyday Style - Eve Earrings with Blue Topaz.