Limited Edition Topaz Drape Necklace-Anna Balkan
Limited Edition Topaz Drape Necklace-Anna Balkan

Stunning Drape Limited Edition Blue Topaz Necklace

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There are statement necklaces that simply take your breath away and leave you wanting one for yourself.

This is one of these rare beauties that you just want to wear and keep touching. I have this great color soft blue topaz that was custom cut for me, and it’s perfect tight edges of cut make this gem sparkle and shimmer.

If you looking for an occasion jewelry, such as Mother’s Day gift, Bridal jewelry for a bride or mother of the bride, or a holiday gathering - this is the one to consider  

Limited edition beautiful quality Sky Blue Topaz, draped on silver adjustable length chain.

Length: 20″ (could be made up to 2″ longer upon request at no extra charge).

Adjustable length and could be worn as short as 15″  

SKU: OOAK Topaz and Moonstone Earrings