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Natural Aquamarine Gem Earrings Limited edition

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On July 1, right before going on Instagram Live, an inspiration hit. I even got to finish these earrings while talking 😳 a new skill!

This is a limited edition (I can only make 3) Aquamarine with Petal Pearl, Topaz, Spinel, Moonstone, Pearls and much 💗 

Drapes at about 2” and can be custom made longer or shorter upon request. Also available in 14k gold filled or silver finish, and can be made with colors to coordinate with Aquamarine Butterfly Wing Necklace (just add in comments your preference or email after)  

If you looking for a set, I have these this newest Natural Carved Aquamarine Pendant Style Necklace  with a lot of movement and I used same gems and itvis a lovely complement as a set or, if you looking for an elegant blue earrings with Aquamarine - these could be worn solo as well. I have many options of layering or set ideas for each of these beauties as well. 

Aquamarine is a gem of calmness and clarity. It supports your throat chakra and helps express yourself to the world more clearly with less conflict.

*Heals emotional trauma.

*Cools high temper and conflict.

*Relieves stress.

*Helps get in touch with suppressed emotions.

*Brings peace.

*Clears the mind.

*Calms the heart.

*Helps speak the truth.

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